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Yoga for Life – The Basics

Yoga derived from the word “yuj” means unity, connecting or linking together and balancing your body, mind and emotions so that you are naturally able to experience your deeper enduring and joyful soul.

It is a connection that brings authentic happiness as it lights up your body with an inner confidence and radiance that comes from within your Self and is not dependent on anyone or anything.

Hatha Yoga

As we go through our day, we find our energy and moods fluctuate, sometimes feeling rushed, calm, impatient, content, happy, angry, nervous, neutral, tired or hungry. When we push ourselves too much, are overworked and stressed out, we lose our sense of “ease” and become physically and emotionally imbalanced with reduced immune systems and more prone to disease.

Hatha Yoga is the physical practice of bringing balance back to ourselves through physical exercises known as “asanas”, breathing techniques known as “pranayamas” and positive ways of living known as “yamas and niyamas”.

“Hatha Yoga lays the foundation for
a positive healthy lifestyle.”

Hatha Yoga is also the preparatory yoga for practicing meditation and many of the other yogas such as Jnana Yoga – the Yoga of Self-knowledge, Raja Yoga – the Yoga of Self-realization and Kundalini Yoga – the Yoga of evolutionary transformation.

“Hatha” yoga unites the different aspects of your physical, emotional and mental being into a wholeness. With this balanced wholeness, once again you feel connected to the fullness of your life, to the earth and to the wonder of all the universe.

Briefly, let's break down the word “hatha”:

“Ha” conotates that which increases our energy such as breathing in, eating food, drinking, thinking in positive ways, loving, absorbing sunshine and Vitamin D.   Symbolically, “Ha” is represented by the sun and reflects the male polarity in yoga.

“Tha” conotates that which releases all forms of energy such as breathing out, eliminating waste, excretion, sweating, talking, crying, venting, laughing and expressing emotions. Symbolically “tha” is represented by the moon and reflects the female polarity in yoga.

Ha + tha reflects a physical well-being of balance between what we bring into ourselves and what we release. When under stress, we may overwork, overeat, not listen to our body cues of eliminating or getting sleep and we get out of balance.

Hatha Yoga is a series of physical exercises combined with breathing techniques which uses your body to regain its physical balance and bring you back in harmony with your self and lets you experience your natural happiness.

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Yoga is Healing

The practice of Yoga is healing. Yoga stimulates your immune system and regulates the organs and glands of the body releasing endorphin hormones which reduces the pain and heightens a feeling of well-being throughout your mind, body and spirit.